If I Can Cloth Diaper, So Can You!

Cloth diapering was the only thing really missing from my “crunchy mom” resume. With each of my children, I did more and more as far as clean and natural is concerned. Diapers is a bit of a different story. I’d love to tell you we chose to cloth diaper because I want to leave less of an environmental footprint, or that I want to leave the world a better place for my children, and while those things are factors, they are not the main reason behind my decision. I wanted to try cloth for one major reason: I am a budget freak and diapers are expensive!

When we did the math, we were easily spending over $200 A MONTH (!!!) on disposable diapers. We have really enjoyed how convenient our natural disposable diaper options have been for our family, but spending a minimum of $200 on diapers a month is nuts! If we could cut the cost of disposable diapers out of our monthly budget, that equates to a savings of $2,400.00 a YEAR- and remember yall, that is a minimum! When you factor in the cost of disposable wipes, that cost and possible savings is much much higher!

We decided for the first few weeks that disposable diapers would be the easiest, because breastfed newborns tend to go through diapers a LOT. It would be too much laundry to keep up with! So we used a package of NB and 2 packs of size 1 and that was that. We then ventured into the unknown… Did the song from Frozen 2 just get stuck in your head too? Oh, mom life.

I didn’t do much research at all before jumping head first into the cloth diapering world. Initially, I wanted all organic, top of the line cloth diapers- the creme de la creme if you will. But then I had to think practical thoughts. I decided to go with a well known brand- Alva baby, and some Amazon knock offs by Simple Being. Both are pocket style diapers. They have a thick microfiber insert that slides into the pocket of a cute patterned diaper. When the diaper is dirty, you simply spray it down and toss it into a wet bag for storing until its time for the washer. We were also gifted some prefold style diapers and covers, which I have used as well. Both have been perfectly efficient. I know what your thinking… poopy diapers? No thanks! But really, it rinses off so easily at this point. Breastfed baby poo rinses off so so easily! If I’m lazy and have a few to rinse at a time, I rinse them in the sink. If its one at a time, we purchased a sprayer and a pail for the hall bathroom toilet and rinse in there! Notice how I keep using the word rinse? It’s really that simple.

At this time, we are using disposable wipes, because we still have them handy from my middle little. However, we will soon be using cloth wipes. Then everything will be even easier than it already is because it will all be able to just get tossed into a rinse and wash pile!

In our home, we don’t use harsh chemicals, so bleach is out of the question- no way am I putting that onto my new little baby’s delicate skin! SO for those diapers with the set in yellow stains, I sometimes will wash twice and add a little bit of peroxide to the wash, then I line dry in the sun. The sun is a natural way to whiten as well as disinfect (although they’ve already been washed so that isn’t a concern- just an added perk). On rainy days, we have a stand that we use to dry them. All manufacturers will say not to put them into the dryer but on days when I’ve felt like living on the edge I’ve definitely tossed them into the dryer because I knew I’d be needed them sooner.

I’ve gone ahead and linked my Amazon storefront section for cloth diapering products that we use in this post if you are interested in getting started (I do make a small commission). If you have any questions, I always check my Instagram messages and I’d love to help you make the switch! The prints are adorable and it really is so much fun- I never thought I’d hear myself say that! But ask any cloth momma and she will likely tell you the same! Cloth diapers are an investment up front, you only need about 20 or so, and that savings over a year is well worth it!

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