The Best Clean & Natural Laundry Detergents and Laundry Room Staples

Here it is, 2020. A new year, a fresh start. A time to make some new goals.

I remember in 2016 when I made it my goal to start ditching the toxic products that sit in the cabinets of most homes and to start switching to cleaner products. It’s been brought to my attention by many in my Instagram audience that it’s a popular goal of many this year too!

I remember navigating it all, I remember being overwhelmed. I remember getting all of the messages from various women trying to get me to join their businesses. Fear not, friends, that is NOT what this post is about. It’s just a lot to navigate, there are a lot of options out there. I don’t suggest doing what I did and tossing everything in every room and being left with nothing in the home and having to buy everything new all at once. Its scary to jump into and even scarier for your wallet!

One thing I always suggest to my friends and family is to go room by room. So in this New Year’s Series that is exactly what we will be doing. We will go room by room, and then move on to topics like bath/shower products, beauty products and so much more! You tell me what you’d like to hear more of, and that is what I will try to deliver!

The first room up is the laundry room. Why are we starting here? Because I can’t tell you how many friends on social media are always posing their endless laundry piles. Laundry is never ending and for many of us, it’s a daily chore.

During my first pregnancy I, like many other new parent’s, would only buy and wash Ada’s laundry in Dreft detergent- afterall, its “the #1 choice for newborns” and if its specifically made for delicate, fresh little newborns it has to be so clean and safe- right? I am not here to bash any one brand, all of these large manufacturers are guilty of filling their detergents full of chemicals and calling them safe. Our skin is our body’s LARGEST organ. Our skin absorbs an average of 64% of what we put onto it (although every chemical has a different absorption rate). Yes, of course we should be cognizant of what we are putting into our bodies, but don’t you think we should also be mindful of what we are putting ON our bodies? I’m not going to bore you with studies and facts about the skin or the chemicals, I’m sure you know how to use Google or find books in a library! I am here to tell you which products we liked, and which we weren’t so fond of.

So without further ado, here are my laundry room recommendations:

Seventh Generation Fresh Lavender Laundry Detergent – This one isn’t my first choice, but of all of the big brand detergents we have tried that are more clean and natural, this one is the best one. It is what I will grab in a pinch if I am out of my favorite detergent. It does contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, but the rest of the ingredients are clean and compared to the other detergents you will find out there in the stores, this is a good one to start with.

ECOS Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergent Lavender – This is another one we used for a while when I first started researching the ingredients in our products. They are all plant derived and the Lavender is natural vs synthetic and chemical filled. This is another detergent that can be picked up in many stores as well as, I believe, Sam’s Club.

B&N All Natural Daisy’s Goat Milk Powdered Soap Laundry Detergent – If you were here waiting for my number one laundry detergent choice, this is it! Brooke & Nora reached out to me a little over a year ago and asked if I would be interested in sampling their products. After a quick scan of their VERY CLEAN and VERY MINIMAL ingredients, I agreed to try. I was hooked. I order the Powder on Amazon now nd tear into that happy amazon box like a kid on Christmas. First of all, the Lavender Essential Oil gives away what is in the box- literally my mail smells heavenly. There are only 7 ingredients in this product, but the goat milk (which threw me at first) makes all the difference! I am completely hooked on this and the price point is great too! This is my favorite for linens especially, then hanging them from the line in the summer- my word, I know I’m officially an adult because something as simple as Laundry detergent makes me so excited. This is the ONLY thing I will be washing the new baby’s clothing in!

My other Laundry Room Staples are as follows:

Baking Soda- I will toss this in with the wash to remove any stubborn odors (hello farm smells, potty training, etc!) and it seems to help act as a fabric softener when paired with…

White Vinegar- I add a cup of white vinegar with a couple of drops of my favorite essential oils that day to our final rinse cycle. You will never need fabric softener again. The white vinegar leaves that vinegar smell occasionally while the load is still damp, but there are no traces once the load is dry.

B&N Laundry Stain Stick- I can’t even begin to tell you how worth your pennies this product is. I don’t know what kind of witchcraft it took to create this but ditch the Shout (SO BAD!!) and pick up one of these! Stains were hands down my biggest issue when I ditched the chemical products and this stick has saved my clothing! If you have dirty toddlers, you can’t skip this one.

Hydrogen Peroxide- Because, well, boys. I learned from a nurse on one of our ER visits for stitches for Grey that Hydrogen Peroxide will remove blood stains. It does! I’ve washed blood soaked laundry that has been sitting for days and it has always removed every trace. You put the peroxide onto the stain and let it sit for a while then after about 20 minutes I will take it and rinse it in really cold water, put a bit more on and toss it into the laundry and BAM! Bye bye scary Halloween worthy blood stains!

Mason Jars- To hold all of the things! Kids collect some weird things, and my husband usually has so much change in his pocket at the end of the day I’m amazed his pants can stay up. I have one to collect treasures, one for change (finders keepers!) and one for clothespins so it’s easy to grab and take out to the lines on nice days!

Wool Dryer Balls- These are another great one to have on hand! Drop your favorite oil on them (or not!) and just toss into the dryer!

Essential Oils- Quality matters, I won’t make this about why I chose the brand that I did but if you have questions, please reach out! This isn’t a post to get you to jump on board the oily train, but rather to help you navigate what products are clean and WORK! That being said. I DO use Young Living products, but let me tell you this- the laundry detergent is NOT a good one. Some brands have their product perfected, Young Living does not when it comes to the laundry detergent! I wanted to love it, but it just didn’t clean the way we hoped that it would!

There you have it! Our favorite clean laundry products!

What room do you want to see next? I think the biggest request I’ve seen so far was the Bathroom!



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