Natural Flu Remedies & Prevention

Well, it’s here. Flu season came in quick and with a vengeance. We are a very healthy family, we are never sick, but nice and early thi year our house got hit with the flu. As soon as I realized what Grey’s symptoms were, I quickly took action and started all of our favorite natural remedies both with him and with the rest of the family. For the last few year, I have wanted to share these tricks with you all, so while I’m down, 13 weeks pregnant with every respiratory symptom, all of the aches and pains minus that scary fever, I figure now is the perfect time! Wow, what a run on sentence, huh?

Anyways, full and obvious disclaimer- I’m not a doctor, if your child spikes a scary high fever or become dehydrated etc ue your best parenting judgement to take them to the doctor! Thee are methods I have researched and that I have found to be helpful and beneficial to our family.

Elderberry Syrup- As soon as mid- September hits, I start price and quality comparing for organic dried black elderberries. Not all brands are created equal, so just do some research. Amazon is a great place to find everything you need and have it all delivered right to your door. I just suggest reading reviews. Also, purchasing before flu season starts is key, usually, you can see the price on berried at least double come late October, early November. Some great things to consider when planning to make your own syrup- jars, organic cinnamon sticks and cloves, raw honey (if you can’t find it locally). There are a ton of great recipes, one of these days, Ill have to get my recipe added here! For now, pinterest is a great place to find some great recipes to make it yourself. If you are already sick, or are not the type to want to make the syrup yourself, then many local pages and mom groups on Facebook have members who sell their own homemade syrup. I used to buy it before I started making it, and locally made is much better than store bought, which can be full of artificial ingredients, sugars and preservatives. I also like to double up my batch when I make it so I have a stock in my freezer! We use elderberry all season long, as well as doubling the dosage when we’ve been exposed or at first sign of symptoms. *NOTE* if using raw honey in your syrup as a sweetener/thickener, remember that children under the age of 12 months are not recommended to have honey.

Oscillococcinum- Please don’t ask me how to say this one, its one of those things that I just never get right, so I just call it Oscillo. It’s used in everyone ages 2+ and safe during pregnancy. The vials are filled with tiny pellet of goodness that taste like sugar. It’s been used for over 70 year by homeopathic enthusiasts to relieve aches, fever, chills and fatigue. So while others may gravitate towards that black warning label option, better known as Tamiflu, this is what I will go grab. We give it to the one experiencing symptoms as well as everyone in the family- and although the box says to give the vial, it’s been suggested that even taking just a few of the pellets is just as beneficial, so we typically split the vial between 2-3 of us.  Oscillo has been trusted to reduce the severity and duration of flu symptoms.

Vitamins- Vitamins are important year round, but especially during cold + flu season. This time of year, we add vitamin d3 and c to our daily multivitamins. The number of people who have a vitamin D deficiency today would probably surprise you and studies have shown that a vitamin D deficiency are more likely to contract the common cold and yes, even the flu! So get that D3, friends! I feel like vitamin C is already a common known aid during cold and flu season, its amazing for immune boosting and support. Another one to grab when you’re perusing the aisles of your local pharmacy or amazon scrolling, is Zinc!

Probiotic- I’m a firm believer that gut health plays a huge role in overall health! Grab a probiotic supplement, some great probiotic greek yogurt, kefir, or even just starting adding apple cider vinegar or kombucha to your daily/weekly health regimen.

Essential Oils- I know this one is so controversial due to social media. I too have been harassed by one too many people sliding into my inbox trying to become my buddy, in a grand scheme to make a little money off of me by having me “join my team”. But, once I sipped the Kool-ade, I understood. You see, the investment for me was a big one because your girl is a budget queen. If I was going to spend this small “fortune” I wanted to learn about every oil in that kit and discover all of the ways to utilize them in my daily life to enhance my family’s wellness. Aside from some of the key oils for wellness that came in my kit like, Thieves, Frankincense, and RC (replaced with Raven) to name a few, I also highly, highly recommend Oregano and Eucalyptus! If you have ANY questions about Essential oils, please don’t hesitate to ask! I’m always happy to help teach how to use them, send samples etc!  Once someone shows signs of a cold, or the flu or once weve been exposed to someone else who ha been sick, we immediately diffuse the oils as well as roll them on. I also use them in place of Tylenol and other fever reducers. Did you know, that a fever is the body’s way of fighting off a virus? That by reducing low-grade fever can actually lengthen the time you or your children are sick for? For example, Greyson had the flu for two days and Ada had it for one. They still have the pesky lingering cough, but there are no longer fevers in our home- let the body do its THING!

Herbal Teas- There is nothing that soothes my throat, my tummy or my soul when I am sick quite like a cup of tea. However, not just any tea will do. Different herbal combinations erve different medicinal purposes. I love echinacea for wellness. Last year, my most popular blog post was about my special, magic tea. So many people shared that post and I had so many rave reviews across social media! Nothing makes me happier than knowing that I am able to help people! Especially when it comes to a more natural approach to wellness!

Fluids- Of course FLUIDS are hugely important at flushing out all of that yuck. It’s also crucial during the flu, because often people get dehydrated and wind up in the hospital for IV fluids- the flu is uncomfortable enough without having to spend it in the hospital, am I right? Ditch the chemical filled pedialite, please. It’s full of awful sugars and more. Instead opt for electrolyte water with a squeeze of lemon or a splash of a quality fruit juice for little ones. Bone Broth is another great way to get fluids AND nutrients.

Eat Well- I know during the flu, all you want to do is sleep, but try to get some nutrients into your body! Weather its sipping on broth, snacking on cold fruit or drinking smoothies, getting proper nutrients to help keep your strength up will make a big difference, I promise!

Rest- This goes without saying, and its not as if you’ve got a choice! You body will be so tired, you likely wont be able to keep your eyes open. Don’t fight it, rest! If you’re taking care of loved ones who are sick, and you feel the need to rest, listen to your body. The only nice thing about this terrible virus is by using thee remedies, your flu should be so short that you can basically sleep through the whole thing!

Last but not least…

Detox Baths- I’m not going to pretend this is coming from a place of science or studies, just simply something I’ve done for years at the first sign of ANY sickness (before fever hits of course). Add epsom salts and Apple Cider Vinegar to a bath as hot as you can stand it and bathe until the water cools. I’ve heard that as the water cools, it draws toxins out of the body. Maybe it’s a placebo thing, but I’ve always found it to help myself and the kids. And when you’re feeling those aches and pains, what is better than soaking in a hot bath? **NOTE** If young, or pregnant, pay close mind to the water temperature.

There you have it- all of my tips and tricks!

If you have any others, I’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to email me or message me on social media!

Stay healthy, friends!

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