Magic Tea for Cold & Flu Season- My Favorite Natural Remedy

Cold weather has come in fast and hard here in TN. We still had yet to unpack our winter coats and all of our warm gear Typically in October, we are still getting plenty of sunshine and warm weather. This year, cool weather came so early, resulting in the WHOLE family getting hit with a horrible sinus infection. Ada had congestion for a day, maybe two. I swear that girl has the strongest immune system I have ever seen!

The last week and a half were rough! The boys were miserable, sleep was interrupted, Jay had terrible headaches, I had chills and could hardly breathe. I went to my arsenal of essential oils and began making my go-to rollers for this season, but it was really just too late. Along with the essential oils, I needed something to take care of the miserable symptoms. I thought I would share here some of my favorite natural remedies!

For chills and aches or just at the first signs of getting sick, my go to is a bath. A wonderful detox bath that relieves a little congestion and soothes aches and pains. I will add 1 cup (at least) of apple cider vinegar to hot water- as hot as I can stand it, along with 2 cups of epsom salt that I add essential oils to. That’s it! Just get into the bath while its super hot, and allow the water to cool. As it cools, the ACV helps to pull toxins from the body.

Once we are out of the bath, warm clothing, immunity roller on the bottoms of the feet, fuzzy socks (or favorite slippers) and rest!

I posted last year about my favorite water concoction to keep in the fridge when we are sick (because pushing fluids is so important!), but along with that, I am a big tea drinker! I usually am super mom, even when sick. Mom’s don’t get sick days, so when this virus knocked me out, I knew I needed to find anything to help me. I started researching different roots, different herbs, oils, etc and tried everything. FINALLY, y’all, I found the magic combination!

Have you heard about how amazing oregano is?! Oregano being used medicinally dates as far back as Ancient Greece! This magical little herb is so rich in antioxidants and has amazing antibacterial properties. There were many studies done in the UK that reveal that the essential oil from oregano kills the MRSA virus at a dilution of 1 to 1,000! And unlike a lot of other natural herbs, oregano’s anti microbial properties are not diminished by heating in boiling water. After reading that, I ran to the store and grabbed some fresh, organic oregano! I grabbed a pot and set to making my magic tea!

To the pot I added water (obviously!), about ten sprigs of oregano (it was one package from the grocery store), a lot of fresh, peeled ginger root and one piece of peeled tumeric root (about the size of my pinky finger. I brought the tea to a boil and then reduced the heat to simmer a bit longer to really extract all of the amazing properties from the tumeric and ginger as well.

While the tea simmered, I added about 2 TBS of local raw honey to my mug and the juice of one lemon. I then strained the tea into the mug and stirred to get the lemon and honey incorporated into the tea. Within a matter of minutes I could feel the difference. My nose and my throat completely dried up. It was actually a totally bizarre feeling. I could feel my sinuses dry up. Back before I really started getting into a natural and holistic lifestyle, I used to take some CRAZY strong little allergy pills when I would get really congested and I remember feeling it dry my sinuses and thinking it was such a crazy feeling. This is the equivalent. But guess what, y’all? It’s NATURAL. I was able to use my own hands to create a natural remedy with the same effect as the OTC solution packed full of ingredients that I can’t read. I think that is pretty amazing. This needs to be bottled and sold, alongside some great elderberry syrup this time of year!

I was just so pumped that after two days of drinking this tea 2x a day, my congestion is gone and I have my energy back. I couldn’t keep this to myself, I just had to share in hopes that it can help you too!



**If you are interested in learning more about holistic health, essential oils, or the medicinal properties of herbs and oils don’t hesitate to come say “hey!”

I always answer every e-mail and direct message on social media!




*Disclaimer- I am not a medical professional. Just a woman and a mother on a mission for a chemical free, pharmaceutical free lifestyle.

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