Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gifts that Mom Will Love!

If you follow along with my blog, then you most likely saw our post about the new Pampers Pure Collection. We had the opportunity a few months ago to try out these products and they quickly became a favorite in our home.

Months later, I am still so impressed by the quality, the adorable prints and more than anything, I’m impressed by what they DON’T have in them.

When I was a first time mom, I had no idea the different types of materials that went into making diapers. When we were creating our registry before Ada was born, we registered for so many different brands of diapers. It can be overwhelming how many there are to choose from! Some claiming to be more absorbent than others, some for overnight, some organic and all natural. We did end up liking Pampers brand and have used them for 6 years now. So naturally, I was so excited to discover the Pampers Pure Collection.

I have done so much research in the last two years alone into the products we use. I have cut so many products out of our daily routine and replaced them with more natural options. The Pampers Pure Collection was something I was so eager to welcome into our home. We only want the very best for our families and when it comes to what I use on my babies, I am very picky.

Pampers Pure Protection diapers combine premium cotton and other thoughtfully selected materials with Pampers trusted leakage and dryness protection. The diapers are free of fragrance, chlorine bleaching, lotion, parabens, natural rubber latex and the 26 allergens identified by the European Union. The Pampers Pure diapers and wipes are clinically proven hypoallergenic and gentle for baby’s delicate skin. In my opinion, the diapers and wipes are perfect for newborn baby’s new delicate skin!

We tried so many brands of natural/organic diapers and to be honest, they just simply didn’t meet my expectations. Not only that, but the prices were outrageous. Why should families have to sacrifice better materials in their diapers due to such high prices? Diapers are a necessity and better materials should be affordable.

The Pampers Pure Collection has been so affordable for our family and the prints are adorable! Not only that, but they’re gender neutral as well. The prints to me are timeless, vs trends that will fade. My babies usually wear only their diapers around the house in the warmer months. Twenty years from now, the diaper prints they are wearing now wont be prints that I look back on and say “What was I thinking”, you know? I’m all about timeless and classic!

While shopping for a baby gift at Target, I just knew that the Pampers Pure Collection would be the perfect gift. I picked up a few other gender neutral baby items as well to complete what I would consider the perfect gender neutral gift for an expecting mom! A soft toy for baby to snuggle, some great swaddle blankets and the Pampers Pure Collection are sure to be a win!


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