A Living Room to be Lived in

There are two types of families in this world- those that have nice things and those who have nice-enough things. You know what I mean, I know you do. We all had the friends growing up that you knew before going over that there were some serious rules. The house was spotless, the floors were clean and unless you saw the kids piling into and out of the new mini van in the driveway, you would never know that children lived there. Spotless. Immaculate.

This was my house growing up. My house now would fall into that second category.

Our home is lived in, there is no other way to put it. It’s a hodge podge of different styles that we have loved in phases throughout our time together. A collection of pieces loved before Jay and I met. They all come together in a perfect, cozy marriage that completes our home.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love our mix of pieces we have but our living room just drove me crazy. Having an open concept doesn’t really work unless everything flows together, you know? Our sectional was a dark leather, it was so comfortable but so BIG and so WIDE. It took up a lot of space and it made the room feel darker. I started shopping around. I made a list of what I most wanted in a new sectional. We needed something lighter in color, yet durable for a family of 5. I wanted something low profile to make the space feel bigger. Lastly, and most importantly to Jay, we needed something comfortable.

I was browsing Instagram one day and discovered Apt2B. I loved the clean, modern lines and the mid-century modern style. I clicked through to their website and started browsing all of their sectionals and then it jumped out at me “Made in the USA”. Many of you may not know this, but I owned a handmade children’s clothing company. I am a huge advocate of purchasing products made in the USA. I was super excited and just knew I needed their brand as the focal point of our open concept space.

The Brentwood Sectional caught my eye. It was the perfect size for our space, came in a huge variety of colors and was (to me) the perfect balance of mid-century modern and traditional. It could go with our traditional pieces and also be the perfect place to start with incorporating more clean, modern lines into our home. Better yet? It is a sleeper sectional! I could close my eyes and picture the five of us, snuggled up with a big bowl of pop corn on rainy days watching movies. Ada’s friends love it for slumber parties, too!

As a family with 3 kids it was so important to me to be able to easily clean our new sofa. I remember seeing a video Apt2B had shared of someone pouring red wine on their sofa and it beaded up and wiped right off! After I picked my jaw up off of the floor, I showed Jay who was equally as impressed. I knew the performance fabric was just what we needed. Good thing too because just last week I spilled my pint of chocolate ice cream on the couch- oops! It did wipe right up, y’all. It’s like magic. Its not only kid and pet proof, but it also Netflix-and-chilling-while-bingeing-on-ice-cream proof!

If you’re a fact guy like my husband, you may be thinking to yourself “Sure it looks great and won’t stain and is perfect for pop corn and snuggling but is it actually comfortable?” Heck yes! I was one of those people who looked at the Mid-century modern furniture and thought “there’s no way that’s comfortable” but much to my delight, it really is super comfortable. I basically live on that chaise. We all kind of fought over it when it first was delivered to us, but everyone got hip to the fact that it was my spot. I remember when it first came saying to my husband multiple times a day “it’s SO comfortable”, “this is so much better than our old sectional”, etc.

If you have ever been to a large furniture retailer then you know how hard and overwhelming it is to shop for a great sofa or sectional. I’m here to tell you to look no further. The performance fabric on our Brentwood Sectional is soft and oops proof, the lower profile and clean lines make it perfect for spaces of all sizes and it is super comfortable. We snuggle on it, we snack on it, the kids play on it, we watch movies and have slumber parties. Its more than a sectional, its a place where we are all able to come together as a family and make memories. We just so happen to do it in style!


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