After Trying Everything for Sleep Regression- This is What Worked.

The sleep regression happened all at once. We brought home the new baby and everyone’s schedules were thrown.

Now, as a parent, you expect the baby to wake up multiple times throughout the night- sleeplessness is a given. What we didn’t expect after bringing home baby number 3 was that the kids would stop sleeping too.

Greyson was still in his toddler bed at this point and Ada was in her beloved princess room. Wes slept downstairs with us, because we didn’t want to risk him waking the kids. Yet, they still wouldn’t sleep. Bedtime became such a hassle, we were constantly fighting with one child in one room, and then going to the next room and repeating it all over again. In the middle of the night, Grey would wake up and sit on his bed crying and pointing to Ada’s room.

Multiple times throughout the night, Ada would walk down to our room. We would walk her back upstairs and she would come right back down, moments later, like a tiny, sleep deprived boomerang. This went on for over a month until finally, we couldn’t take anymore. We settled on Jay sleeping in Ada’s room and when Grey woke up in the night, Jay would bring him in with them. It was nuts. Meanwhile, I was up all night with a newborn. It became a game the next day of “who is more tired” and well, that game isn’t good for anyone.

Something had to give.

Finally, I had an idea. Why not put the kids into a room together? Why does Jay need to be in there too? It sounds obvious in hindsight, but let me tell you- sleep deprivation does some crazy things to your brain- ha! Turns out, it didn’t totally work. Bedtime was even more of a nightmare. “MOM! GREY PINCHED ME!” and shortly after I would hear Grey start wailing because he was pinched back or something along the lines of payback. It was more of a headache than the sleep deprivation.

Twin beds. Easy solution! I fell in love with the Brightpop Twin Bed from The Novogratz.

I loved the timeless, antique vibe but they also felt a little modern. The white is perfect because, well, I tend to go design crazy and want to switch layouts and colors around. We also got their mattresses from the Novogratz and they’re super comfy!

The beds have two height options, I went with the lowest option because I like knowing Grey is closer to the ground if he rolls! I love that the Novogratz has such on trend AND timeless pieces of furniture. The furniture is so sturdy and incredibly affordable, so re-doing spaces on your home is absolutely a goal you can accomplish, too. I also adore that the brand was started by a husband and wife/ a mom and dad! It makes this well known brand, feel relatable- like a small mom and pop shop, you know?

The beds worked wonders. They each chose their own bed and they sleep through the night. We read stories, sing songs, turn on their diffuser and then its lights out and door closed. The routine and feeling of closeness (while not being TOO close) has made such a huge difference.

Now if someone could please tell my 9 month old that it’s time to start sleeping through the night, that’d be great.

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