Are You Ready for Spring?

I am SO over winter, are you with me?!

I am so beyond ready for windows open, a fresh breeze, some warmer temps and fresh, vibrant colors! Our crazy TN weather has been all over the place! One week its in the high 70’s/ low 80’s, I’m wearing dresses and tank tops the next week we have flurries! I’m going to share with you some of my favorite ways we get Spring ready in our home despite the hot mess weather we’re seeing!

First off, a declaration: Essential oils have changed my life. No, I won’t try to push my oils on you, but if you’re wanting to hear all about our Spring prep you’re going to hear some oily talk!

I use Young Living oils, the quality is incredible, there is an amazing support system, and the wholesale discount is amazing!

One: Stay Healthy

This crazy weather brings on so much sickness. If we get sick, the rest of my spring prep can’t happen!

We don’t do the flu shot. I am pro vax BUT the thought of injecting my family with something that doesn’t prevent the flu seems a little crazy to me! Not to knock anyone who does get the flu shot either. My parent’s get it, my sister gets it, I got it as a child and y’all, I’m perfectly fine. It’s just my choice for my family. With the flu coming in full force this year, I needed to prepare our home as best I could against any germs. I had the flu two years ago and it was horrible, I wouldn’t ever want to see my family go through that! My solution? THIEVES OIL! All day, errday! This oil is pure magic, and smells like Christmas. We use the hand purifier after we are out in public anywhere, we diffuse the oil in our home each day, we apply it to the bottom of our feet at the first sign of a tickle in our throats and we use it to clean all of our surfaces in our home (We use it in our cleaning essentials bottles with some alcohol and water!). Two years ago, I would have told you were crazy if you told me this. We haven’t even as so much as a cold this season. Staying healthy at this point in time is so important! We have time with family planned, girl scouts meetings, soccer- a JAM packed schedule! This is the oil that got me hooked on Young Living!

Two: Bright & Clean Environment

I’m a huge believer in giving spaces a fresh new look to create a happy, new environment! A simple coat of paint, a few new accessories, and bright blooms and greenery can completely transform your space while we’re in this limbo phase! We recently got a new rug and sectional in our living room, all new, fresh and light tones. It made our space brighter and feel cleaner! The clean lines totally helped! I am planning on painting our main living space (open concept) either white or a light gray, just to make everything feel more light and airy and clean. Also, bringing the outside, indoors! Grab an adorable basket, and add a vibrant and low maintenance tree- like a fiddle leaf fig tree! Also, tulips and other vibrant blooms are a fantastic way to make your space feel ready for spring!

Heres My Inspo (image from pinterest):

Three: Declutter, Purge, Organize 

Declutter! We are so overwhelmed by STUFF! It’s like with having family all out of state, they are generous gift givers. While I am grateful at the thoughtful gesture, the amount of STUFF in our home is overwhelming! We have SO many stuffed animals, so many toys everywhere! I’ve started the declutter process. Let me tell you, its a mess. If you walk into my home these days, its organized chaos, piles everywhere- keep, donate, toss, sell etc.

TIME TO PURGE! Get rid of it! If it hasn’t been played with in months it GOES. If it hasn’t been worn in a year- BYE! I think the hardest part is the guilt “oh so and so bought this for little Suzy on that trip”, etc. STOP. If it’s not being used, its not doing anyone any good, that toy or piece of clothing could make someone else so happy. Move on. Let go of the attachment you have to these MATERIAL things. In the words of Ada’s favorite princess, LET IT GO. Need extra cash for those blooms you want to buy? Can you say Garage Sale?!

Organize. This is SO important. Everything you want to keep needs to have a proper place to go. If it doesn’t you will wind up in the same place you’re in now- piles of stuff EVERYWHERE! We are currently building storage for our homeschool/playroom. A faux built in unit. All toys, puzzles, games, art supplies- everything will have a proper place to go. Mostly with bins. My plan in a photo on each bin with what goes into it. This way I am not the ONLY one cleaning the right way. This will hopefully eliminate the millions of missing Barbie pieces and legos that my feet miraculously find  every. single. time.

Here’s My Inspo (image from pinterest):

Four: Get Time for YOU

This one is one of my favorites and one of the most important! What can you do for YOU? Once a week. Is it getting outside for fresh air and exercise? Stop making excuses. Toss the kids into the stroller and walk the neighborhood. Need alone time? Grab a book and sit in the car for an hour and get that quiet time. What is it you like to do? Draw? Paint? Write? Workout? Make it happen. Prove to yourself that you are important! I recently made it known to everyone in my house that I will be taking a yoga class twice a week. Its an hour per class. Two hours out of the 168 that make up a week. That is nothing, y’all. you can do that. It gives me something to look forward to each week and I’m happier for it! Waiting on Spring will be much more enjoyable if you’re feeling motivated!

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Five: Uplifting Your Everyday

Okay, here’s that oily talk I mentioned! My diffusers are my workhorses! They work round the clock in my home! Seriously, oils have proven uses throughout history. Do a little bit of research or message me and I’m happy to help answer any questions! During the day I diffuse all of my happy, energizing and uplifting oils! Orange, Lemon, Peppermint and Joy are some of my favorites to blend together! It’s the best way to start my day! Especially since I gave up coffee- but that’s a post for another day! Another way to guarantee a great start to each day is to get a great night’s sleep! To ensure we get a good nights sleep, I diffuse Lavender and Cedarwood. It really works like a charm. If the kids are really wound up, I will apply some Peace and Calming to the soles of their feet about 30 minutes before bed. They loving have their diffuser in their room. They used to be horrible at sleeping through the night and oils have even impacted their lives- they sleep so soundly. Joy is my favorite blend, I put a drop over my heart every day and rub it in with my wrists. Each movement I make throughout the day allows me to smell that scent and instantly makes me take another deep breath and recharges my mind!


What are some of your favorite ways to prepare for Spring?

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