Currently- January 2018

I think my last Currently post was in August! Wow- the busy life of a mommy blogger, I guess! Or maybe just Mom Life in general!

I’ve been totally trying to be more intentional with these hours in the day. For a while I was so overwhelmed. I found the entire holiday just came and went and I feel like I didn’t even enjoy it as much as I typically do. So for this year, I plan to be more organized and intentional with my time. My babies deserve it, so does my sanity.

Within the last couple of months, Ada has started full blown reading. She can read books from cover to cover, it blows my mind. She is reading signs while we are in the car, tries to read the words when we watch Wheel of Fortune. I knew once she got a grasp on it she would be too excited to stop, I was the same way.

Wes said dadada for about a week, but hasn’t said it in a bit, still holding out hope for a lot of “mama” coming my way soon! He still hates tummy time and is still the sweetest tiny peanut.

Then there’s Grey. Sweet Grey. He wants so badly to potty train but has a completely backward sense of how the whole thing works and he is so strong willed that he wont have it any way except his way. Which has been messy. Any tips, moms of boys?

ReadingScrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick . Still, Brittney? Yep, it’s same book I was reading in August. I guess that’s Mom life at its finest. I should probably add that as another goal this year. TRY to finish this book! It’s a funny and easy read. I totally find myself relating to her sarcastic tone. I think Anna Kendrick and I would’ve ruled the playground.

Watching- This is Us. I absolutely love this show. Is their marriage not so incredibly relatable? The producers definitely know how to pull at our heart strings on this one. If you are not watching This is Us then you need to be.

Listening– Him and I by Halsey and G Easy. You know when you pull up next to someone at a red light going crazy with the dance moves and not a care in the world? That is me during this song. LOVE IT.

Eating– I worked with HelloFresh a few months back and one of the recipes has become a favorite in our house. We eat it at least bi-weekly. Sesame beef tacos with a cucumber and radich pickle and a chili flake crema- YUM!

Drinking– Bourbon. Always with my Woodford. Those sweet notes get me every time. Perfect for sipping over ice.

Loving– Life right now. It’s crazy, don’t get me wrong. There is something about the chaos these days that I’m enjoying. It feels like a family is supposed to feel. Does that make sense? The toys on the floor and the ballerina spins and the sound of matchbox cars flying across my hardwood floors makes me happy.


Using– Still exclusively using New Wash from Hairstory Studio! By far my favorite product ever. I have yet to use anything else in my hair and only need to wash it once every week or so and my hair has never been more silky. I’m still constantly getting compliments on my hair. I’m like “Girl, I was it once a week” the #momlife dream product! Read more about it in my previous blog post!

Wishing– We are wishing HARD for our dream house. It’s been on the market for over a year now. We finally put in an offer… prayers are appreciated! This home and the land will become our forever home. We can picture the day we have grandkids running barefoot on this farm.

Also, WE HAD SNOW this month! So I’m adding in some of these adorable shots!

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