My Hospital Bag MUST Haves!

I can still remember when I was pregnant with Ada 5 years ago.

My bag was paced so early and sat by the front door. No, not a bag- a suitcase! I went and bought extra toiletries, filled it with cute clothes and all of my favorite pre-pregnancy things!  It was packed with frilly bows and all things pink for my sweet little girl that I was so anxious to meet!

Then we have my pregnancy with Greyson.

My bag was packed at about 35 weeks, a small duffel this time, I was more practical- or so I thought. I knew I wanted comfy (yet still cute) clothes for after birth, I had some clothing for him too. I didn’t anticipate him being so small (6lbs 5oz) and nothing I brought for him fit. I ended up using a lot of what the hospital provided. First time moms reading this? Don’t bother packing your cute underwear, the hospital provided pairs are the best ever- lol! I was super frustrated that the cup they gave me was STROFOAM and super cheap, flimsy plastic and a plastic straw you would find at a fast food establishment.

This pregnancy with Westley I knew I wanted to be different. I wanted to only pack PRACTICAL items that I would use. It was super important for me to pack things that also made me feel like my best self. You guys, I backed it all into a BACKPACK this time! A BACKPACK- I went from an expandable suitcase to a back pack! As a third time Mom, I knew exactly what I wanted and needed!

So here it is, my hospital bag checklist, as a third time mom.

1- Something to Drink From! 

First up on my checklist is my Pura Sport bottle from Pura Stainless.

As I mentioned Before, I couldn’t stand the flimsy Styrofoam and plastic cups they expected me to drink water from. It was important to me to have something safe to drink from that I knew would keep my water cold at all times. This vacuum insulated bottle is AMAZING, it is 100% plastic free and the only Nontoxic Certified bottle on the planet. The lid and sleeve are silicone and let me tell you, that lid will not leak at all! I slept with it in my bed so it was always within reach and it was able to lay by my side without spilling any water. Lets talk hospital ice. That stuff is what ice dreams are made of! Never been in the hospital to try this ice of the Gods? Its right up there with Sonic Ice or Chick-fil-a ice. This bottle will keep those perfect nuggets of frozen goodness frozen your entire stay. I made sure to fill this bottle to the BRIM with ice before I left with baby to enjoy at home. Guys, it lasted two days, and honestly it may have lasted longer if I didn’t eat it!

Are you pregnant right now as you read this? Hop on and add this to your registry!

Want to read more on Pura? Read my Summer review Here

2- Something for My Skin

After giving birth I knew I wanted something that would make me feel beautiful. Then I found The Good Stuff Botanicals and knew it was a match made in glowing skin heaven!

First let me tell you about the Lip Fit. This is a MUST HAVE item not only for the hospital but for everyday life. It makes my lips buttery soft. If you’ve had a baby before it’s no secret that during labor your lips become crazy dry! Maybe its from all that heavy breathing through those killer contractions, maybe there is a more scientific reason, I don’t know. What I do know is this stuff was a life saver! I used it through my whole labor, and then also the entire time after. Knowing I could kiss my newborn baby with an all natural and organic balm on my lips made me smother him in even more kisses. Also ladies, side note- it makes the BEST nipple balm. Skip the other brands you’ve read about and just buy this. Seriously, $6 and multi-purpose. I only had blistering for two days… maybe is because it was my third time nursing a baby, maybe its because this stuff is the bomb dot com. I’m thinking its the latter.

Next up lets chat about this Gypsy Cream! I’ll admit when this stuff first came I was skeptical. Y’all, my skin is like silk! If I were the type of person who had stretch marks during pregnancy I’d be applying this to the bump daily! Why is it a hospital bag must have? Easy, after showering with that hard water, I wanted something to make my skin soft. Also, I have a 5 year old and  2 year old… This hospital stay was a luxury vacation for this momma, I intended in taking full advantage and treating my skin!

Talking about treating my skin- the Looking Sharp Face Oil is by far one of my favorite beauty products. I actually ditched all face cleansers and I think this product is really the only reason my skin is glowing and blemish free. The Prickly Pear is full of antioxidants and has more vitamin e than any other oil, your skin will love you! Watermelon oil has been shown to have a significant effect in water retention, so that after birth puffiness? Yeah, you can say goodbye to that. The combination of these two oils will leave your skin just as soft as that new baby you just brought into the world as well as give you that gorgeous glow that every new mother wants. Those “new moms” in magazines? Yeah they must be using this stuff!

3- Something to Make Me Feel Beautiful!

 Remember how I said I packed so many things to try and feel pretty after birth with my previous pregnancies? Well, little did I know that something as simple as a feminine robe would make me feel gorgeous! This lightweight and supersoft robe  from Pink Blush was love at first sight! It was just the pick me up I needed! So soft, not only for me, but for holding the new baby close to my skin. The lace details are so feminine and the robe itself isn’t super fitted, which made me feel comfortable (with the “just had a baby” body) and was also easy for nursing. It is also so lightweight that it folded up so easily in that backpack! Lets not forget to mention how BEAUTIFULLY it photographed in that beautiful light from those big hospital windows!

4- Something for Baby

I wasn’t sure if Wes was going to be bigger like Ada or small like Grey. I knew I wanted to be prepared either way with something that I could use for cute hospital photos. I found these gorgeous and unique prints from Margaux and May and they were perfect. I could swaddle him if he was a big babe or if he was a small babe and he would still look perfect in his Fresh 48 photos! These Muslin Swaddles are lightweight and SO big, I am obsessed with them! They also have some super cute crib sheets you should check out!

Seriously, how sweet is this swaddle (and that baby)!?

Those are my top four extras for the hospital bag!

I also added:

Toothbrush and things like that

My DSLR and Charger (with NEW memory cards)

Cell phone charger

Going home outfit (maternity shorts and a comfy loose t shirt!)

Yoga pants (loose fit) and nursing tanks

Nursing bra

I also recommend bringing some Granola bars because you’re going to want to snack!

Also, Pinterest tells you to make all these care packages for the nurses. I just asked them at the shift change what their Starbucks drink of choice was and had Jay deliver coffees! Mid shift pick me up! They all said they usually get cookies and candy bars but the coffee was an extra special treat! 

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