Give Mom-To-Be A Gift She Really Needs!

Bringing a new little person into the world is an amazing time.

It is also a stressful and tiring time, especially for Mom.

Many women are lucky enough to be surrounded by their family, to have them as a support system.

Family members to help with laundry, to cook and keep the house clean so Mom and Dad can bond with their new miracle and not have any worries.

However, that isn’t a reality for a lot of women, myself included.

Our family is spread out all over the country, and though they come to visit and are very helpful, I can’t help but worry about the additional pressure put on Jay.

Pressure with our two children at home to care for, pressure to help me keep up with it all.

I am the kind of woman who wants to do it all so he doesn’t need to worry about it because he works so hard! Meals especially, are my thing.

So I got to thinking about planning out meals for after baby #3 is born. Y’all just planning the meals in my brain, not even getting a formal list, has me exhausted!

That is when I discovered Freshly!

What is Freshly? You haven’t heard?

Is it like those other home delivery services that you need to still buy ingredients for? That you still have to stand at a stove and make yourself and then clean all of those dishes?


Freshly takes it a step further and prepares the food for you and then delivers the fresh (NOT FROZEN) meals right to your doorstep!

Let me break it down for you.


Freshly comes to your door in some AMAZING packaging! We all know that cardboard can be recycled but Freshly takes it a few steps further than that! The box is lined in recyclable plastic that is filled with biodegradable denim shavings. You simply tear open the bag and toss that in the recycling and toss the denim into the trash. The next layer is two HUGE icepacks in that same recyclable plastic. Right on those big awesome ice packs it even reminds you that reusing them is a super smart idea! These are amazing to line a cooler with and hit the beach or pool with or for a long road trip. I’m all about being green and doing whatever I can to help this Earth be a cleaner place for the tiny humans I’ve brought (and am bringing) into this world!

The Food:

YUM! Y’all I was skeptical, could food made by someone else REALLY be as good as a home cooked meal? Would it taste like a frozen TV dinner? Let me tell you… WOW.

My meals arrived around 10:30am, which isn’t too far off from lunch time in this casa! Perfect timing. This preggo momma was ready to dive on into some Penne Bolognese. It’s so simple! You just slide the meal out of the package and then you have two options! Heat it in the container OR you can put it onto a plate and cover it (recommended) and then simply pop it into the microwave!

I went with what they recommended and put it onto a plate and grabbed a nice hunk of gluten free bread. Oh did I not mention that? The meals are ALL gluten free! It was honestly the best gluten free pasta I’ve ever had. If I hadn’t know ahead of time, I would never have been able to tell. My picky, meat and potatoes husband couldn’t even tell the pasta in his dish was gluten free. I am honestly crazy impressed! Anywho, portion size= awesome! One serving was too much for me! I split it with the kiddos who had a couple big spoonfuls along with some fruit and carrot sticks and we all ate every bite! I actually went to Cheesecake Factory yesterday and mentioned to Jay that it didn’t compare to the delicious sauce that Freshly used! Pretty awesome right?

We also tried:

Baked Penne Sausage

Chicken Parmigiana

& Chicken Risotto

More on Freshly?

  • Freshly uses 100% all natural ingredients! No preserves or any artificial yuck including refined sugars will be in ANY Freshly meal!
  • Cooked fresh by chefs who believe in the same healthy habits!
  • FRESH, obviously! Never frozen, no need to preserve. Cooked to perfection every time!
  • ALL Gluten free!
  • Vegetarian options and even a vegan option!
  • Absolutely delicious! Picky man-child, picky toddler and picky preggo momma approved!

Back to my title of the post!

STOP buying swaddles! She won’t need that many!

STOP buying clothes! Your style is likely not the same!

STOP buying BOTTLES if she nurses!

STOP buying pacifiers, every baby like a different style!

I have donated or given away so many items that we just couldn’t use… things we already had and just didn’t need.

Stop wasting your money on things and use it towards a gift that allows the expanded family to be just that- a family.

Gifting the family a Freshly subscription ensures that they can relax, bond with baby, rest and still eat well…still eat healthy.

To try Freshly for yourself and save $20 off of your first 6 meals use code dlvr639 at

Mangia Bene.




*this post is sponsored by Freshly but all opinions in this review are my own.

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