Just Another Manic… Thursday?

I can’t believe this week has almost concluded. It went by SO quickly.

I have no clue how, normally I am a busy bee and it makes sense for time to fly by, but his week we got hit with a NASTY cold on Tuesday that knocked me out of commission. I have literally done nothing aside from write, take some photos and do a bit of editing, yet the week has FLOWN by!

Today I am so glad we woke up feeling a bit better! No more runny noses, no more coughing/sneezing. I took the time (no clue where I got the energy from) yesterday to put together an online grocery list and picked it up yesterday. A list of all of the essentials. Now, normally I make bone and veggie broth, packed with herbs and garlic to fight off the yuck, but that wasn’t going to happen this go around. Tired, pregnant, two wild yet sick kiddos and a working husband, nope. So I settled for some store bought soup, and almost the entire produce department. I am a HUGE believer in avoiding medicine at all costs and packing the body full of as many vitamins and minerals as possible.

My favorite way to beat off the yucky feeling is with some infused water. In the cooler months I like to bring water to a boil and toss these ingredients in to let them steep and make a fresh tea of sorts. In the summer months, I simply keep refilling a pitcher full of cold icy water with the following ingredients. The flavor of the water keeps me drinking a lot more (helping me to stay hydrated) and it also is full of vitamin c and ginger helping my body get back all it needs to fight the cold faster!

I should also mention that I buy Organic produce (whenever possible, but especially while sick).

You need:

1 Naval Orange- sliced

2 Lemons – sliced

1 Lime- sliced

and a GIANT hunk of peeled ginger. This will add some spice to the water, but my kids still drink it and ginger is SO great for fighting the common cold!

Side note- Ginger also helps with nausea and digestion! It has antiviral, antifungal and antitoxic properties that are SO amazing at fighting off a multitude of common illnesses!

So I keep these ingredients in the fridge and just keep filling the pitcher with water… After drinking about 2-3 of these pitchers you will definitely notice a difference in how you feel! I keep mine nice and cold at my desk, beside my bed, in the car etc by using my insulated stainless bottle from Pura Stainless… read more about them here!

If you have a family you know the cycle of a common cold. One person gets it and then the next and so on and so forth. One person gets better first always ends up getting sick again and the cycle starts all over. To avoid that from happening, as soon as I begin feeling better, I grab my products from Cleaning Essentials and wipe down every common surface. Counters, tables, chairs, refrigerator door, door knobs, faucet handles, the knobs of the stove top- literally everything!

The oils used in the all natural, home made products make the house smelling fresh. What is better when you’re starting to feel better than a fresh smelling and clean home?

Oh right, flowers. Courtesy of my garden that is overgrowing!

Hope you all avoid the summer yuck that happens with changing temps, humidity and AC! If you do happen to get sick, try out these easy natural remedies. They definitely help shorten my cold, it was only TWO days in total!

Now, if you will excuse me, I’m off to go drink some more magic water and tame my wild tiny humans!

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