Wow, y’all!

This pregnancy is FLYING by!

I can’t believe I am already 33 weeks into this third and final pregnancy!

How am I feeling? Not as great as the photo makes me look lol!

I am TIRED! I remember my last two pregnancies people telling me- “oh just WAIT until you hit the third trimester, you’re going to be so tired”. I remember thinking y’all don’t  know me very well, I always have an abundance of energy- what’s up healthy lifestyle?!

But this pregnancy? Holy cow, they weren’t lying. I get it. Every woman who told me it can be exhausting, I no longer doubt you!

I can’t walk up the stairs to put the kids to bed without seeing spots and being completely winded.

This past weekend? I was in Target for an hour and a half with my husband and kids in the car, and NOT because I wanted to be! My ankles were clicking and I was waddling my way through those aisles for last minute gifts for the kid’s birthday!

Funny, right?

I think the pain and exhaustion were caused by the nesting that has made its appearance!

I thought it was a great Idea on Friday to paint the nursery. The entire nursery. We have 10′ ceilings on our main floor, I’m 5’6″ why on Earth did I think that was a good idea? And I’m not a quitter, so once I started I couldn’t stop! Looking at all white walls and patches left of horrible builders beige (flat paint at that!) I had to keep going!

Jay came home and told me we needed to get another coat on there… so, naturally I’m waiting for that nesting to kick back in because I have no desire what-so-ever to get back to that!

This bump, y’all.

I love this bump. I may be tired, I may get heartburn, I may be getting four hours of sleep but I can’t wait to meet this little guy.

He is SO active, rolling in slow but strong movements, I can rest my hand and feel his arm or leg go from one side of my belly, to the other.

I feel his morning hiccups.

He is sitting so much higher than Greyson did, not every same gender pregnancy is the same. Greyson was SO low, but this guy keeps his tiny bum right up by my ribs, like his big sister did. I constantly have feet ramming my ribs, sometimes so strong its takes my breath away.

He loves music. I am my most relaxed self when I’m in the car, driving with windows all down, and music playing.

I start to dance, and he does too.

He has hiccups right now as I am writing this post.

For anyone close to me, you know what a beautiful blessing it is that I feel this way.

To have this excitement, this eagerness.

For those who don’t know what I am talking about, I has severe pre-natal depression my first and for much of my second trimester. A post on that is to come, because I was not aware it was a reality and I think more women who go through it need to know you’re not alone, and you don’t need to feel ashamed and that you WILL get through it and feel the love and light you are supposed to feel during pregnancy, I promise.

I am at the stage in pregnancy where I’m super sensitive, my poor husband. I must tell him once a day he is hurting my feelings and I feel like I am walking a fine line between being a strict mom and a crazy one with the kids lately. Its totally okay to sneak into your closet, lock the door and enjoy a sweet snack in peace, right?

I have started buying things for the baby, I’ve started working on my vision for his little nursery.

I love his movements, I talk to him when we are alone.

He moves when he hears Ada or Grey and when Grey and I read books at night, Grey rests his hand on my belly, and the baby moves to where Grey has his hand.

He is going to b the perfect addition to our family. He is already so loved and has a brother and sister so eager to meet him.

I can’t wait to see what he will look like, who he will resemble. I can’t wait to hear the sound of his first cry when he takes his first breath of life on this side.

I cant wait for the first time he looks up towards the sound of my voice.

I can’t wait to clam him by holding to my chest with the heartbeat he has heard from inside of my body.

The quiet hours where it is just he and I.

I can’t wait to meet you little baby. Although it is bittersweet knowing these are the last few weeks I will feel kicks, and flutters of a life I am growing, I am ready. I am ready to meet you.

See you in no time.

Amazing photos by Krissy Leigh Creative

See more here!

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