Greyson Is Two!

How did it happen so soon?

How is it possible?

My sweet baby boy, the one who gives me an abundance of love and snuggles turns two.

Two years I have been loving you Earth side.

Two years you have been here making me feel so whole and so complete.

I feel like the last 6 months you have made the leap from baby to toddler.

You talk more, you laugh at your own silliness, you have your own toddler personality, complete with tantrums that you only throw IF someone is watching.

I remember when they told me I was having a boy, I was in shock. I fully expected another girl, following in  my mothers footsteps.

Yet, there it was, in black and white, a boy.

I was in shock, I was nervous. Within hours you had a name so I could grasp the fact that I would be having a boy. You were to be Greyson Thomas, Thomas after your Grandfather and your Great- Grandfather’s middle name. Two men we would be blessed for you to look up to.

Within the weeks to follow you began to move, so gently and I fell in love with you even more with each flutter, each kick.

I got BIG with you bud, yet you came into this world 6lbs 5oz, just a tiny little guy.

Your soul is as gentle as your movements were.

I know that so often people are surrounded by an outpouring of love and family and friends after the birth of their baby. With your sister I hated being so far from family and spending those first days without them to share in the excitement. With you, however, I enjoyed every minute we had alone. We bonded, we snuggled, I sang to you and talked to you. It was just you and I, getting to know one another, bonding. Immediately I knew that God had blessed me with the exact little gift that was missing from my life.

I had been told by other friends who had multiple children (one being a girl, the other a boy) that the kind of love would be so different. I listened to what they said, but never thought I could love the way I loved Ada. Until I first met you, and now I get it. The love we share is that bond you always hear of between a mother and her boy. You fulfilled in me what I didn’t even know what was missing.

So sweet, so peaceful, and so much trust.

You needed me, as much as I needed you.

 I stopped working and was able to enjoy every minute watching you grow.

I’ve been able to hold you when you needed to be held, feed you when you needed to be fed- weather for comfort or hunger.

I’ve watched you watch your big sister with eyes full of love and admiration.

You grow alongside her.

You are so careful in the way you observe, I can see every thought that runs across your mind.

Your curiosity, your excitement of the world.

You have an eagerness to learn, yet you always take your time to test the water before running in. Thinking it all through, just like your Daddy.

Your spirit is free, your heart is huge.

Animals are your favorite thing.

You say:



Da (Ada)

Eeleey (Wrigley)

Gulk (milk)



Pop Pop


Tt (Auntie)

Eee (Gee aka My mom)

Loogle… somehow that means water

You say moon when we read the very hungry caterpillar

You say ook for book.

You can do your animal sounds and your first one was Baah for sheep- but it was like a growl, like an evil sheep.

You kiss every boo boo you see. Even if you kissed it an hour prior, if you see the boo boo again, you kiss it better. And you can be bleeding or have taken a really good spill, but as soon as I kiss your boo boo you stop crying. You believe I can heal all, and that melts my heart even more.

When I finish changing your diaper in the morning, you stand up, go get your binky from the crib and run into me and wrap your tiny dimpled arms around my neck in the sweetest, most excitedly loving embrace.

You love babies, you point and say beebee any time you see a baby in public. You hold and kiss all of Ada’s baby dolls and are (usually) so gentle. You always pull up my shirt and rub my belly and point and say bee bee, and kiss it. You try to use my belly button as a doorbell, you poke it and say “ding dong”.

Your soul is pure magic.

Your giggle is contagious.

You are without a doubt, the happiest little boy I have ever known.

I imagine you will grow to be the kind of person who always finds the positive in a tough situation.

I believe you will be a genuine and loyal friend.

I know you will achieve great things.

You have made me so proud in two short years.

Two years that have flown by and made my heart grow larger than I ever knew could be possible.

You are absolutely, incredible, Greyson.

Happy Birthday to one of the most amazing, genuine, tiny humans I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. And who I am so beyond blessed and proud to call my son.

We Love You, Moo.

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