I Broke Up With Shampoo & We Are NEVER Getting Back Together!


Its been over 40 days since I last used shampoo and conditioner!

The truth? My scalp has never felt cleaner. My hair has never had more shine. I never get tangles. I smell AMAZING.

And best of all?


Do I have your attention yet?

I remember in high school my aunt got me an organic “paraben- free” shampoo.

My hair felt like straw and the fact that there was no foam made me feel like I wasn’t getting clean enough.

Little did I know, that foam is BAD!

Shampoo is just a harmful detergent. Weather it is “Natural”, weather it is $5 or $80 it is all harmful. Shampoo is the reason you need to buy conditioners, and masques and all of these other products on the market.

I recently went to get my haircut at the beautiful Aveda Salon nearby and do you want to know what the stylist said to me?

“Whatever that product is you are using in your hair- it’s AMAZING! You have absolutely NO build up, whatsoever!”

So it wasn’t all in my head, this product I had fallen in LOVE with really was cleansing my scalp. And guess what? It was doing so WITHOUT using harmful chemicals and detergents!

My favorite thing about this product is that all I do after a shower is run my fingers through my hair nd get on with my day! I don’t even need to brush my hair anymore because any tangles rinse out in the shower! Um WHAT?! That is AMAZING! That alone makes this product worth every penny I have ever spent on hair care in the past!

No Shampoo.

No Conditioner.

No Detanglers.

No Masques.


New Wash by Hairstory has CHANGED MY LIFE!

Does that sound dramatic? Maybe, but let me explain WHY it has changed my life.

As a pregnant, stay at home mom of two, life becomes very routine. Life is very busy. If I were still a flight attendant, or if I worked any other job outside of the home for that matter, I would NEED to keep myself looking my best. Every day I would get up and get ready for work- brush my hair, put on make up, get dressed in socially acceptable clothing.

As a stay at home mom though, I don’t have that NEED to do those things. Spending time with my children, making sure they eat well, play hard, have time to be creative- those things take precedence. I went from being independent and feeling my most beautiful self, to not feeling anything about myself. The mom bun, alternating Target T-shirts and maternity jeans became what I saw when I looked in the mirror every day. When I say this product changed my life I mean this- I may still only get to wash my hair 2-3 times per week but those times that I use my product make me feel like a whole new person. I highly attribute that to the oils used. They smell AMAZING days after use. I feel SO incredibly clean. I don’t NEED to do anything else to my hair for it to look fantastic. I comb my fingers through my hair and walk away with it wet and I sill feel more beautiful than I have in the past 4 years. There is something to be said for feeling your best in a natural way. Do I feel pretty with makeup applied and my hair done up? Absolutely, but to feel beautiful right out of the sower as your most natural self is a confidence booster you just cant beat!

This product is GREAT it works on ALL hair types! Regardless of age, gender, race- New Wash is for you!

Perhaps you’re about Labels and name brands and need a little more convincing before you try this new product. Sure thing.

I’m sure you have heard of Bumble and Bumble? Michael Gordon, the founder of B&B sold the company to Estee Lauder in 2006 and began on a journey to better the industry and the world we live in and Hairstory was created!

What makes New Wash different?

Well for starters, many products you see on the market today are made to remedy issues caused by OTHER products you use, like shampoo for example.

“With a gentle cleanser like New Wash, the scalp isn’t being
tricked into overproducing oil to compensate for the loss of
its protective layer. This means that hair gets less oily less
quickly, allowing you to go longer between washes. And,
as a result of not over-drying hair with harsh detergents,
New Wash replaces not only shampoos, but conditioners,
and masques as well! Finally, since you don’t need to
condition, you’ll be using a lot less water in the shower.” -Hairstory
So think of all the money sitting in your shower or cabinet right now. The shampoo, the conditioner, the masques and serums all of the products you need to buy to remedy the issues that your shampoo is causing!

Hairstory uses complete transparency with what is and is not in their products.

New Wash specifically uses essential oils and aloe for cleansing, oils and minerals for conditioning and rose water to enhance the natural fragrances from all of the wonderful naturally derived oils used. Let me tell you, it smells amazing!

To further push why it is so amazing, we ALL use New Wash in my home. a good friend and fellow blogger, Amber of Faust Island, said it has cured her babes cradle cap (read story here)! We use it on both of our littles too! Every night after bath time Ada and I would argue when it came time to brush her hair. One of us always ended up in tears and I felt so defeated. After experiencing first hand how tangles rinsed out of my hair, I decided to use it on her! We wet the kid’s hair when they get into the bath, and scrub the new was in from scalp to ends as normal and let them play as long as they like and rinse just before it is time to get them out. I do still brush Ada’s hair but now the brush runs right through her long curly hair. No more fighting, no more tears!

If you want to simply try hair story there is a smaller bottle available or if you plan to try it for 30 days on the WHOLE family (which I recommend!) There is a larger size available that yo can even set on auto ship. No having to run out to the store, it will be delivered every time right to your door!

Try it, you wont be sorry, your hair and your wallet will thank you!

Shop New Wash and other Hairstory Products Here!

*The product for this post was provided by Hairstory but the thoughts and opinions are all honest and my own, as always.

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