Naturally Bug Free with Buglet

I am a known bug magnet!

Constantly I will announce that I am being bitten and will hear “are you sure? I haven’t gotten a single bite”.

Then within a matter of 5 minutes or so I am covered in swollen bumps half the size of a golf ball. Perks of being allergic!

As you all know, I am seeing a cleaner lifestyle, void of harmful chemicals for my entire family. Have you looked into the ingredients on a can of bug spray- yikes!

I found some great “natural” bug sprays but they left my skin SO oily, that being outdoors at night wasn’t worth it because I would need to shower the filmy residue off of my skin before bed.

I was always thinking to myself “HOW is it possible there isn’t something easier out there?”

Well, y’all, my prayers were answered last summer when we found Buglet!

How amazing is this product?

Well, I’m about to tell you!

For starters, they are FUN! They are brightly colored and bring me back to my days in the 90’s when you were NOT cool unless you had a slap bracelet on your wrist!

Guess what? Slap bracelets were a hit with me generation as a kid and they are as popular with my kids now! They LOVE them!

They look like adorable little watches but are SO much more!

The “face” is made of pumice and each bracelet comes with it’s own bottle of an essential oil blend to repel mosquitoes and other pesky bugs!

So easy to use, simply apply a couple of drops of the oil blend to the pumice and slap the bracelet on your wrist or ankle and enjoy summer nights without the constant annoyance of bugs swarming you!

While they are not advertised to do so, they have even helped us keep away noseeums in Florida, which if you live in or have travelled to FL during the humid warm nights you KNOW that its impossible to enjoy time outside without the presence of those pesky bugs. No Insect repellent (except for skin so soft which makes me smell like an oily old lady) has ever helped deter them until we found out buglet! NOW we can enjoy nights on the beach after the sun goes down and head to bed with dry (un-oily), bite free skin!

I’ve been on a mission to enjoy the beautiful summer weather in fun ways with the kids before the new baby is born and this past weekend we decided to do a family s’mores night!

We laid out a blanket, brought out the giant rainbow ball that caused us so much trouble last week (read that story here), and we lit up the outdoor chimney!

Grey had never roasted a marshmallow before so he was so excited! Especially about the graham crackers, those are his favorite!

It was so nice to have some music playing, watch the kids have fun and enjoy a nice sweet summer treat without having to worry about getting eaten by bugs! Especially being pregnant the bugs love me even more. Also, with being pregnant the LAST thing I want to do is slather chemicals onto my skin. One more reason to love buglet!

As you can see, these don’t just come in the same circular shape, they have some adorable animal shapes for kids as well! Ada has the pink bunny and Grey loves his yellow owl!

So before you go out and hit the stores looking for the perfect insect repellent, make a better decision for your family and order yourselves Buglets!

A more fun, more natural and MUCH safer alternative to keep those bugs away!

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