6 Products You NEED In Your Beauty Routine!

We all get stuck in a beauty rut, right?

The kind where we just kind of let it all go? I was NOT taking care of MYSELF because let’s face it, owning two business, raising two kids, growing a human, starting a blog, keeping up with the house and spending any free time we have with my husband, it didn’t leave any time for ME.

That HAD to STOP!

You know that saying “You can’t pour from an empty glass”? That’s kind of how I was starting to feel. I couldn’t give ALL of these outlets my best, because I wasn’t feeling like my best self. Feeling this way is common, we have all been there. But being pregnant amplifies that so much more, the weight gain, the exhaustion and of course- those hormones! I would look in the mirror so unhappy with how I looked. I NEEDED makeup on at all times to feel like I looked like a functioning member of society. I even slept with makeup on, would wake up with that makeup on and start my day- how gross is that if you really think about it?! And I LIVED in a mom-bun! I would shower, wash my hair with a cheap shampoo and back up in the bun it would go because I hardly even had the time to brush it, and quite honestly I didn’t care enough to brush it. How sad is that? Its so true of so many of us moms, am I right?

Through blogging I finally had the courage to reach out for products for ME. My good friend Anna, owner of La Belle Naturelle, was the first to send me products to try. INSTANTLY and I’m talking FIRST USE I felt like a whole new person. My skin was glowing, and having taken just a few minutes for MYSELF I was in the best mind set. I wrote a blog about her amazing products here, if you want to learn more! It was then I knew this NEEDED to become a more regular occurrence in my life! My attitude on everything was better, I felt so happy in my own skin!

After that, I was hooked!

I was then presented an opportunity to work with a new company called Hairstory, which was founded by Michael Gordon- the founder of Bumble and Bumble and was instantly ecstatic! I am currently doing a 30-day review of their revolutionary new product New Wash, which completely takes the place of harsh shampoos and conditioners! Its uses natural ingredients, that are completely biodegradable, to gently cleanse the hair and scalp. After using this product JUST THREE TIMES my hair looks healthier than it has since I was about 14 (the first time I ever color treated my hair). My hair needed LOVE, desperately! I to this day, have not had a hair cut in over two years! Yikes! Before new wash, my hair looked dead and dry, it was fuzzy and went right into a bun. Sure, my hair is straight, I’ve never NEEDED to straighten it, but if I didn’t want fuzzy, gross hair I needed to dry and straighten before going anywhere that I was needing to look presentable. After three washes with new wash, my split ends even look healthier, is that possible? I’m not sure. But this photo is me, nothing but mascara, with UN BRUSHED, DAMP HAIR. Not to toot my own horn, but my hair looks amazing (even with those gray streaks…thank you Ada). When using this product, any tangles literally are untangled on their own during the rinsing process. Honestly, this all natural product absolutely BLOWS MY MIND. Soft, silky hair that smells like I just walked out of a high end salon, all from the comfort of my own shower? Cant beat that.

The other products that are my MUST HAVE items right now are The Nourisher and The Revitalizer from Biossance. My friend and fellow blogger Amber ( of the blog Faust Island) told me about the brand and let me know they had a promo to grab free samples and just pay shipping. I was all over it, now that I had been introduced to how using products FOR ME was benefiting me as a whole. I placed an order immediately and within a weeks time received the product! The Nourisher is an oil used for the face and neck, and The Revitalizer is and oil used on other areas of the body. My favorite uses for the Revitalizer are my hands, my heels, my shoulders/elbows and my bump! These products moisturize my skin and leave it looking so dewy, I get that prenatal glow with my entire routine, and these products keep my skin glowing ALL. DAY. LONG!

Game Changing & Mood Changing.

I no longer wear makeup, with the exception of mascara. I don’t need to brush my hair. I’ve ditched the mom-bun. I’ve thrown out my chemical filled shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, body wash and moisturizer. I feel confident, I feel beautiful again. I may still wake up and feel big and pregnant, I may feel exhausted, but hey, I AM growing a human and that is why the coffee gods gave us coffee, right? I am really feeling more and more like the best version of myself and its all because I use these 6 products on a weekly basis!

6 Products you NEED to go buy, like NOW!
  • La Belle Naturelle– Facial Polish. It doesn’t matter which one, she even does CUSTOMS! My favorite is the Orange! It definitely helps wake me up and feel like the day is a little bit brighter! I use this product 3x per week. It gently exfoliates my skin, leaves it so smooth and perk? It tastes good if you get it in your mouth lol!
  • La Belle Naturelle- Handmade Soap. She makes all soaps to order, nothing is premade and sitting on a shelf, you are getting a fresh and beautiful bar of soap, no matter which kind you choose! I love the Coconut milk based soaps! My husband even LOVES her peppermint bars! I use this each time I shower.
  • La Belle Naturelle- Toner. Again, multiple fragrances (all natural of course) but my favorite so far is the Orange/Mint. It uses witch hazel and you can FEEL it doing its job. Its crazy refreshing and smells fantastic. I use this 2x per day. Morning and night.
  • Hairstory– New Wash. You guys DITCH chemical filled shampoos and contitioners with me! Your hair will thank you for it! My hair is light and my scalp has never felt so clean! It was made to be used by ALL hair types!
  • Biossance– Nourisher & Revitalizer. Forget those daily moisturizers that go on heavy and make your skin feel oily! These products will leave your skin baby smooth, glowing and fresh feeling all day!
Trust me you guys, you WANT to make this change for yourself! I have never looked or felt better. My skin looks like it did years ago and is as soft as my 2 year olds! Do something for YOU today!


Questions? Excited about these products? Leave a comment! I always love to hear from y’all! Have a blessed Sunday!

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