La Belle Naturelle – Take Some “You” Time Today

This is probably the very first photograph I have ever posted without make up on, can you believe it?!

The truth is, most days you will find me, lost in a pile of laundry and housework sporting a messy bun and yoga pants. That is real life, right? Here’s the thing though, that mom-bun life can leave me feeling run down, tired and just not as beautiful as the days before I had a family. Before kids, I had time to spend on  my skin care, my physical appearance- you know what I mean, don’t you?

This blogging journey is taking me in such incredible directions. This blogging journey has led me to amazing realizations and even better products.

Example? La Belle Naturelle.

The owner of this amazing, all natural, small business is a good friend of mine. I have always marveled at the places her business has taken her and admired her passion for the products she makes with her own hands, in her own home. However, I have never been a customer because, as I stated above, I get stuck in my lifestyle rut and my beauty gets set on the back burner.

However I realized, what example am I setting for my daughter if my own self care gets put on the back burner?

I can remember being young and my mom would come home every night and take a long, hot bath after work. She made her time a priority, and for me, I want my own daughter to see me take that time for myself. It is important. It takes only minutes from your day, and TRUST ME it will make you feel like a whole new woman- wife- mother.

Now as many of you know, I am on a journey to eliminate chemicals as much as possible in our everyday life. What better way to start than on the surface, literally- my skin!

I tried out three products from La Belle Naturelle- The Herbal Mint and Honey Soap, the Orange Peel Facial Polish and the Orange Mint Toner.

First of all, opening the box was the first thing that got me excited- the SMELL was amazing! I could not WAIT to try out these natural products! And guys, when I say natural and handmade, I mean exactly that! All of these products are made with ingredients you can actually read and pronounce which to me is AWESOME! I love being able to read and recognize what I am putting on my skin. To make it even better? EVERY PRODUCT is made at the time of purchase, no small batches that sit on a shelf. You are literally getting the freshest products imaginable to put on your face, pretty cool, right?

Now they look beautiful and smell amazing, but do they impress upon use?

The answer is one big huge YES!

I decided to give myself a mini spa treatment right at home. I started a hot bath and used the Mint and Honey Soap and the smell was absolutely relaxing and made my skin feel fantastic. Naturally, the steam from the bath helped to open my pores, similar to what they do at a spa, right? I gently used my fingertips to rub the polish over my face, neck, chest and shoulders as they would in a spa and then gently wiped it away with a hot wash cloth. First the smell of the orange was extremely refreshing, and then I could smell the almond oil and vitamin e. My skin was dewy and glowing! I got out of the bath and applied the toner. My face looked AMAZING. I kid you not, I didn’t wear makeup for DAYS because I loved the way my skin looked and felt!

I am normally the type of person who puts on makeup and the following day is still wearing said make up from the day before. Now, I can walk around with confidence and a bare face that gives me that pregnancy glow I have been desperately seeking!

I promise you, you will feel like a whole new person after taking some time for yourself. Being a woman is hard. Being a wife is hard. Being a mother is the hardest job there is. Take time for yourself. I don’t mean by getting a Starbucks solo, or buying a new accessory. I mean do something that makes you feel more like YOU. More like a woman. More beautiful. I swear you could see my confidence radiating from that glow from those amazing La Belle Naturelle products.

No more makeup on a day to day basis for this momma. I am so proud of the skin I’m in.

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